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What I Want EP

by Jomo

Released 2014
Lyles-Belton Entertainment
Released 2014
Lyles-Belton Entertainment
An Eclectic collection of exquisite musicals.
"...Jomo has a GREAT voice that is radio friendly........Jomo is VERY versatile; ladies man, hustler, and bad boy is a GOOD look for him....."
~Universal Music Group

"JOMO, got one thing to say to you WOW! You look GREAT, you sound have history, some strong credits already..fantastic video.."
~Danie Cortese
Celebrity Publicist & International Promoter

"Very melodic introspective look at JOMO and the things he want's in Life! Very Very good song! A must hear!"

JOMO’s hip hop track “What I Want” isn’t your average hip hop song. Featuring clever lyrics that are backed up by a strong beat and a nice hook, including horns that come in and really put the funk in it, “What I Want” packs a lyrical punch and is actually reminiscent of 2Pac’s sound.
Nicholas of MusicDish TV ~ MusicDish T

Music Beat’s “Next Artist” — JOMO Lyles-Belton may not be a name you recognize yet, and you may not have his CD in your collection, but that is about to change. JOMO is not just another MC from Atlantic City. He came out to “Music Beat Tuesday” at the Flagship last Tuesday and staked his claim.
 JOMO injected hot lyrics over several tracks that I mixed in (I was on DJ duty at the time) and rocked a crowd of adults who had come to hear acoustic music, rock, soul and spoken-word artists perform. JOMO’s plan is, however, bigger, as he will be shooting a music video for his single “So Ole School” later this month. You can check out his music at 

Raymond Tyler ~ The Atlantic City Weekly

The title track, "What I Want (Radio)," has a sweet flowing groove that complements the smooth voice of Jomo as he Raps with a suave tonality.
Diane and the Reviewer Team ~ RadioIndy